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Hu-Mana-Tea – THE Detox Tea!

Our Affordable Version Of “Essiac Tea”


Hu-Mana-Tea is a four ingredient blend based on an old, old formula that has been used for decades for many problems including very powerful long-term detoxing.

This formula has been shrouded in mystery and is currently being sold at OUTRAGEOUS prices. For example: 10.5 ounces of pre-brewed tea is $33.95 and the herb mix to make 2 quarts is also $33.95 – and the prices vary from there! With Hu-Mana-Tea, you will get enough herb mix to make 256 ounces (2 GALLONS) of tea for just $49.95. This is the same amount as the pre-brewed which would cost $827.70 or other powder blends for $135.80!

​How do you brew Hu-Mana-Tea?

The brewing method is quite simple – if you can boil water – you can make your own tea. With your order you will receive 4 packets of the herb blend – each packet will make 2 quarts. The daily dose you will be taking will dictate how much tea needs to be made at a time. The following instructions will be for a 2 quart batch which can be halved to make 1 quart or doubled to make 1-2 gallons.

You will need to use distilled water to make your tea. You will also need to use a stainless steel pot with a lid. This tea CANNOT be made in a microwave.

Bring 2 quarts of salt free, distilled water to a rolling boil.

Add in one tea bag OR open the packet and pour in 1 packet of dry herb, stir in put a lid on the pot and boil for 10 minutes – stirring occasionally.

Turn off heat, scrape down sides of pot (if using loose herbs) and stir.

Put the lid back on the pot and let the whole thing sit for 12 hours.

After 12 hours, heat the pot just to the boiling point then turn off the heat.

Let it cool down a bit, you can then strain the tea into a glass container and refrigerate.

The tea will keep for 2 weeks if it is kept refrigerated. The sediment in the bottom can either be stirred into the mix and consumed along with the tea or you can strain the tea again through cheesecloth to remove it. This tea is bitter – it can either be taken straight or it can be diluted with distilled water or fruit juice at each dosing. Each dose can also be sweetened with honey if preferred. Each dose can also be diluted, sweetened and sipped as hot tea – but DO NOT microwave it! Heat it in a stainless steel pot.

​What is the dosing?

The dosing depends on what you are trying to accomplish with Hu-Mana Tea.

The ounces are measured from the undiluted refrigerated tea – any liquid used to dilute the tea is not counted into the daily total.

With most herbal formulas – the blood volume of the body is the guideline for the amount of herb used. The HuManaTea is a different type of natural medicine all together! The tea is most easily understood if we compare it to dish washing liquid (washing up liquid for our UK friends).

The tea is designed to go into the body and to literally envelope toxins – coating them so they don’t cause as much die-off on their way out. The same principle holds true with dish washing liquid – it literally binds to grease and other stuff on dishes so it can be easily rinsed away.

 IF a person is VERY TOXIC – they can tolerate MUCH MORE tea than a less toxic per can. Just like dishes – drinking glasses only require a drop or two of dish washing liquid whereas a bunch of greasy pots and pans will require more.

The normal recommendation is for a person to start with 1/2 ounce of the brewed tea 2 x per day and to increase that dose by 1/2 to 1 ounce per day at each dose. For example: day 1 – take 1/2 ounce morning and night on an empty stomach (you MAY take Humaworm at the same time) – day 2 – increase to 1 ounce in the am and 1 ounce in the pm – day 3 – go to 3 and 3 – day 4 go 4 and 4……and so forth.

Keep increasing the dose until – let’s say on day 4 you do fine with 4 ounces in the morning and 4 ounces at night – then on day 5 you try to take 5 ounces in the morning and you feel nauseous – THAT’S when you DECREASE the dose back to 4 ounces and STAY at that dose (this is called the saturation level and ALL people are different in their saturation levels) until one morning (days, weeks or even months down the road) you feel nauseous again. This is when you know that you body is clean and you can step down the dose of the tea.

Many people like to take a preventative dose – which is a couple of ounces twice a day – just to stay clean. Most people who are actively cleansing will fall somewhere between the moderate and the aggressive (12 ounce) dosing. HOWEVER – there are SOME VERY TOXIC people who can take much higher doses of the tea.

SO – each person is truly different when it comes to the amount of tea they can take. The tea must be taken on an empty stomach and it can be taken at the same time as all of our other formulas.

Hu-Mana-Tea is to be taken 1 hour BEFORE eating OR 1 hour AFTER eating. Taking any tea with Burdock Root can cause nausea if taken with food. Hu-Mana-Tea will not interfere with any medications – but do not take your medications or supplements 1 hour before or after taking the tea. Take them at another time of the day. It can also be taken while on radiation or chemotherapy treatments. You CAN take the HuManaTea at the SAME TIME you take HUMAWORM or any other the other formulas sold here.

Children under the age of 12 should not use Hu-Mana-Tea. Children over the age of 12 are dosed the same as pets (according to weight). If a child 12 and over is 150 pounds or more, they can take up to 6 ounces per day or 3 ounces for moderate dosing or 1 ounce for prevention.

Adult dosing depends on weigh and tolerance of the tea. A 100 pound female may only need 9 total ounces daily for aggressive treatment while a 250 pound male might need the full 12 ounces. On the other hand, a 120 pound female may tolerate 12 ounces while a 280 pound man can only tolerate 9 ounces. This is just to show that there is room for adjustment in the daily dosing amounts.

​How long will the dry herbs keep?

They will remain good for up to 1 year if kept in an air-tight, cool, dark place – but not in the refrigerator or freezer. Brewed tea will keep fresh in the refrigerator for 14 days. Hu-Mana-Tea is easy to brew so we recommend brewing each batch as needed. Daily doses can be measured out and put into small containers for dosing at work or school and does not need refrigeration as long as it is consumed within the same day.

How is Hu-Mana-Tea sold?

Each order is for 4 packets which will make 2 gallons of tea total.

For aggressive dosing, one order will last 21-28 days.

For moderate dosing, one order will last 28-42 days.

For preventative dosing, one order will last for 85 days.

One order is $49.95 is and will last from 3-12 weeks depending on usage and will come with brewing, storage and dosing instructions.

What is in Hu-Mana-Tea?

Burdock Root – cut and sifted – (these are the big pieces in the dry tea blend), Sheep Sorrel powder, Slippery Elm (inner bark) powder and Turkish Rhubarb Root powder. The Sheep Sorrel is the primary herb in the tea. The others support blood cleansing and elimination of toxins. This 4 herb blend is all that is needed. There are versions of this formula that include 8 herbs. The other 4 herbs are for small support only (and are in very tiny amounts) and are not necessary.

Can Hu-Mana-Tea be given to pets?

Yes, the dosing for pets is given every 12 hours without food – 1 hour before or after eating:

5-10 pounds = 1/2 ounce

10-25 pounds = 1 ounce

25-60 pounds = 1.5 ounce

60-90 pounds = 2 ounces

Over 100 pounds = 3 ounces

These amounts are to be given every 12 hours and can be diluted with water or beef or chicken broth.

What are the side effects and warnings?

Pregnant or nursing women should not use Hu-Mana-Tea. Hu-Mana-Tea needs to be taken on an empty stomach to avoid nausea.



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